How to block search engines from indexing your WordPress web site

In the case your site is not ready to be published, or if you create an internal web site or for any other reason you don’t want your site to be indexed, you just need to login to the admin area,

  1. Click on settings,
  2. Then reading settings,
  3. Then check the box on discourage search engines from indexing your site,
  4. and then just click save.

but don’t forget to uncheck this box when your site gets ready to be published.  

Transfer a WordPress Site To New Host With No Down Time

  1. Create a full site export with the all in one WP Migration plugin
  2. Point the local DNS on your computer to the new host
  3. Create a WordPress installation on your new host
  4. install the old version of the wp migration plugin on your new site
  5. Transfer your site export via FTP to the exports folder from the all in one  plugin
  6. and just do a restore
  7. Change the main DNS on your domain

And Your All Done!!

How to use All-in-one WP Migration Plugin Free

Note: after an update, this is not working anymore, so now you are left with 2 options, or you can buy the unlimited extension from servMask for $69, i also found this plugin on a site called nynology for  $19.99,

For small websites, you can keep on using the free version from

If you would like to use the full potential of the All-in-one WP Migration  plugin for free, without purchasing the unlimited extension, you will need to download the previous plugin version 6.77 you can get it here.

Then you can upload your backup exports via FTP, and then just use the restore feature, 

or you can edit the code to increase the upload size 

follow the link below to learn how

Increase 512MB Upload Limit for All-in-One WP Migration Plugin